sâmbătă, 14 martie 2009


i`m not a perfect girl .. my hair doesn`t always stay in place, and i spill a lot of
things. i`m pretty clumsy and sometimes i have a broken heart. <|3 my friends & we
sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right but when i think about
it and take a step back, i remember how (amazing) life truley is and that maybe..
just maybe, i like being IMPERFECT.
I`m not the girl who runs up to you when I see you and I`m not the girl who jumps every moment to talk to you; but I`m the girl who keeps it all inside and regrets it later. <3 you still give me butterflies.
in my opinion.. one of the worst feelings in the world is wondering how things
could have - would have - should have been. you will never know how it feels to have
the one person who means everything to you make you feel like you're nothing
she's not like most girls at her age. you'd think it would be her routine by now -
you'd think she wouldn't let it get to her -but the truth is ..
you're the only one who can break her now. it`s like, we`re more than friends;
but less than lovers. there’s no use stressing over something in the past, because there’s not a damn thing you can do to change it.
At some point you have to realize he doesn’t care and you could be missing out on someone who does. Anyone can be passionate... but only real lovers can be silly.
Everybody winds up kissing the wrong person goodnight... but i like being imperfect.

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